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Learn the Business Mindset Strategies that helped me generate over 9 million in revenue. Together, you'll cultivate all the tools necessary to overcome roadblocks and how to THRIVE in the uncertain, expanding world of business marketing.
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Kandi is one of the most authentic, passionate, and effective results coach I have encountered. I have been collaborating with her for the past 20 years in several projects and companies. The One-Eleven Network and the Mastermind Group that just completed 6 weeks of growth, has ultimately moved me to the next level in all my businesses!!! 

The price of this type of movement is without a doubt immeasurable. I have overcome some obstacles that were really getting in my way. Having a group setting, allowed me to be open and willing to get the feedback I needed. I am full of thanks to her, for her commitment and faith to me and my goals, businesses and overall personal development. READY for what is next!!!

Anna Hensley 

In this free Downloadable, I'll show you how to:
The thought processes and belief systems that we develop in childhood are critical to our success today, within both our businesses and personal lives. Limiting beliefs can occur automatically in the background of our mind without conscious thought and shape the way we view the world, ourselves, and others. More importantly, our belief systems or limiting beliefs become a self-fulfilling prophecy for us. This masterclass will operate as a microscope in identifying the beliefs that lay beneath the surface and hinder you from building a successful business model.
Mindset is defined as the habits of mind formed by previous experiences. Simply stated, an individual's mindset is the way he/she views themselves and the world around them. By the end of this course, you will feel empowered with all of the tools you need to create the positive mindset shift that is going to take your business to unprecedented levels.
Being a business owner can often leave you feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Unfortunately, it might be time to face the reality that the way you think about these powerful, negative emotions are likely the biggest roadblocks to your success. After all, how can you expect to be a good leader while you're fighting your own internal battles? In order to change your trajectory, you must consider an emotional mindset shift as your biggest business strategy. This masterclass will teach you to use the power of anxiety, fear, and overwhelm as catalysts towards success rather than hindrances.
In an ever-evolving and uncertain world, it's imperative to learn how to adapt your mindset quickly and efficiently. The steps towards completing that positive mindset shift are going to look different for every single one of us. However, gaining access to this masterclass will allow you to examine your own uniquities and apply our time-tested business skills and techniques in a way that makes the most sense to you.
Hi, I'm Kandi Lee, an award-winning 7 figure entrepreneur, and I help fellow entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners (both big and small) find the steps to success using unique and curated business strategies.

My How To Master Your Success Mindset Template (also accessible through joining the Inner Circle) has been responsible for generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue and achieving hundreds of sales goals.

Without the transformative techniques taught in this masterclass, you will likely waste time and money stuck in the menial day-to-day tasks of your business and feel trapped in Entrepreneurial Groundhog Day

Skip the vicious cycle and give yourself the gift of knowledge knowledge on saving time, growing your sales, and achieving incredible success! 

Remember, #ExtraordinaryISNotAnAccident. 

Let's make it happen...together!


Kandi's between-the-eyes approach to helping clients overcome limiting beliefs and perceived barriers works. She helped me to move from a "how am I going to accomplish my goals without any money?" scarcity state of mind to a "just do it and find a way" attitude. Since participating in the Goal Getting Coaching Challenge, Purple Ribbon Council has flourished!

- Donna Bartos 

After 3 months of the executive coaching program my client based tripled, I have brought in more than 1/3 of my corporate job, and the number of appointments 
I have set this month has tripled. The biggest impact Kandi has had on my life is helping me remove the self-barriers to success. Thanks to Kandi and her team.

- Jeff Shaw

Working with Kandi was an eye opening experience! She took me from point A to point B, C and D in no time at all. Most importantly, she helped me let go of the 'safe zone' so that I could fly and follow my true path. She taught me about growth and that truly, anything is possible!

- Gelie Akhenblit
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