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Congrats! Looks like you’re already taking necessary steps to becoming a better Leader! 

Our “What’s My Communication Style” Quiz is a simplified but highly-informative look into the personality research conducted by the best-of-the-best modern psychologists. 

Using the insights from this quiz, you’ll be better able to understand where you stand as a communicator and feel empowered to take the necessary steps to mitigate your weaknesses and optimize your strengths.

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Dynamically Updated
Here's What To Expect:
  • 15-20 Minute Self-Assessment Quiz
  • Personal Video From Kandi Explaining the Assessment and How to Understand Your Results
  • 29 statements inquiring into different aspects of your communication style
  • Results indicating your predominant Communication Style, which will be 1 of these 4: ○ Direct ○ Spirited ○ Considerate ○ Systematic
  • Detailed insights into your results incl. opportunities for growth
  • Impressive self-awareness that will allow your leadership skills to THRIVE!

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